Mattie Liston Academic Overview

Ohio University - Russ College of Engineering and Technology

BearingsMattie currently attends the Russ College of Engineering and Technology at  Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Mattie is enrolled in the Engineering Technology and Management (ETM) program at Russ. ETM students learn how things work, how they're made, and how to make them better. The BS/ETM degree prepares graduates for employment in technical and/or management positions as productivity improvers, usually in manufacturing. Graduates are problem solvers, able to identify an opportunity for improvement and make it happen. These improvements may be in the areas of efficiency, productivity, production flow, product/process quality, cost reduction or safety.

Fiberglass Thermoforming MachineAt least half of all class time is made up of hands-on application lab activities. Students also earn a minor in business. This has proven to be a powerful combination that quickly makes graduates a valuable member of an organization, as well as providing a sound foundation for advancement. Typical starting job titles include manufacturing engineer, quality engineer, project engineer, applications/sales engineer and production manager. Many graduates advance into corporate positions such as plant managers, department and division managers, and corporate leaders. Mattie is a "hands on" person and was fortunate to have chosen the ETM program.

A partial list of Mattie's classwork is given below:

Industrial Plastics
Advanced Plastics
CNC, Machining & Product Tooling
Electronics and Micro-Controllers
Hydraulics, Pneumatics
Metal Fabrication and Casting
Quality Management Systems
CAD (AutoCAD, Solid Edge)
CAM (Mastercam)
Power Transmissions
Programming (C#, SQL)
Chemistry, Physics, Calculus
SQL, Access

Ohio UniversityOhio University offers a tradition of excellence that extends back to the early days of our nation's history. Ohio University was founded in 1804, when Thomas Jefferson was president. The Athens campus is one of the most beautiful in the country, one that invites and encourages academic, athletic and other pursuits. The university offers more than 250 majors in a broad range of academic options. Ohio University also offers study abroad programs that give students a chance to complete part of their studies at prestigious institutions around the world. In fact, international students from about 100 countries attend Ohio University.

While attending Ohio University, Mattie participated in varsity athletics with the Women's Soccer team.  Mattie was the primary goalkeeper for all four years of her time with the team. Mattie shattered virtually every career goalkeeping record at Ohio University, and worked her way into the MAC conference recordbook in several statistical categories. Details of Mattie's collegiate soccer career can be found on the soccer page on this web site.

Montessori High School at University Circle (junior and senior years)

The Straub HouseMattie graduated from the new Montessori High School at University Circle in June of 2010. "MHS" is the first private Montessori High School in the United States. As a committed Montessorian, Mattie could not pass up the opportunity to attend this school beginning with her junior year and help shape its development. She boarded at MHS for two years and subsequently graduated in its very first graduating class, a class of only eight seniors!

"MHS" provides a unique learning opportunity by combining experience-based developmental learning with formal academic disciplines. MHS has also partnered with University Circle institutions as interdisciplinary resources to create an exceptional experience. Montessori education fosters the fullest development of a students potential and provides a foundation for a lifetime of successful learning. Montessori students learn the nature of interdisciplinary studies, and the relationship between the disciplines and the totality of the natural and human-built worlds. Montessori education provides the available tools and technology to continue their inquiry into how knowledge can best serve the world.

The MHS classroom building, a beautiful University Circle mansion known as the Straub House, is shown above. The Straub House received an $850,000 renovation to equip it with the latest educational technology, including a state-of-the-art science lab.

The Otis HouseThe Otis House, shown to the right, is the primary boarding opportunity now offered by MHS. There, Mattie became part of a community of engaged and active students and instructors, and had 24/7 access to all that the school and the many University Circle cultural and educational institutions (including Case Western Reserve University) have to offer. MHS is now renovating yet a third University Circle mansion, the Ferris House, which already provides additional classrooms on its first floor. The Ferris house will soon house boarders on its second floor and provide training in Montessori education on its third floor.

Poached ProtoceratopsAmong many other unique and challenging academic experiences, MHS offers three "X-Term" opportunities per school year. Mattie undertook probably the most interesting such X-Term to date, a trek to the furthest reaches of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, where ten MHS students spent two weeks with paleontologists from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Mongolia's Museum of Natural History. No high school have ever explored so deeply into the Gobi as Mattie and her fellow students. Besides much time spent deep in the Gobi, the students toured Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, spent a night in a "ger" with a nomadic Mongolian family, and experienced such diverse transportation options as Russian-made vans and even camels! Mattie is shown to the left with her discovery, a Protoceratops dinosaur fossil, that had unfortunately been poached, as it was missing its skull. After the trip ended, Mattie edited several hours of video down to a nine-minute finished product that documented their trip. Click on the image below to view this wonderful video (and yes that is Mattie riding a camel!).

Link to Mongolia video

Other X-Terms Mattie enjoyed included helping build homes in South Carolina with Habitat for Humanity, and two weeks touring Spain.

Magnificat High School (freshman & sophomore years)

During her freshman and sophomore years, Mattie Liston attended Magnificat High School, a college preparatory school. Magnificat offers the traditional Advanced Placement curriculum. Some of Mattie's coursework at Magnificat included....

Honors Algebra
Honors Chemistry
Honors World History
American Literature

Honors Geometry
Honors Biology
Speech & Drama

Mattie left Magnificat after her sophomore year for the opportunity to attend the Montessori High School at University Circle.

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